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Bergen County Board of Commissioners Podcast

Jul 10, 2021

Commissioner Mary Amoroso talks with State of New Jersey Paul Aronsohn, the Ombudsman for Individuals with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities and Their Families. The two discuss where things stand at the state and county levels, and where residents can turn to for assistance.

Jul 9, 2021

Commissioner Amoroso is joined by Stephanie Hartman, the Bergen County Mental Health First Aid Training Core Coordinator. The two discuss youth mental health issues; where parents, students, and school representatives can turn to for help.

Jul 8, 2021

Commissioner Amoroso is joined by new County Administrator & County Counsel, Tom Duch. The two speak on a wide range of topics including; how he got his start in elected politics, public service, the difference between holding elected office, and serving the public from a manager/administrator role; and his...