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Bergen County Board of Commissioners Podcast

May 1, 2021

Mary Amoroso is joined by Ridgewood High School students to discuss a paper they wrote on redlining - a practice of housing inequality practiced by government and the real estate industry to prevent minorities from moving into town.

The authors of the Ridgewood paper, "A Lasting Legacy: An Analysis of the Causes and Potential Solutions to U.S. Housing Inequality with a Focus on New Jersey," are Alexandra Jerdee, 17; Rebeca Samano, 17; Charles Healy, 17; Skyler Snow, 18; Emma Su, 18; Peter Joseph, 16; and Emily Truszkowski, 17. 

The paper will be published in the first issue of the Journal of Future Economists this summer along with 11 other winners of the High School Fed Challenge, which aims to help students in ninth through 12th grades learn more about economics.