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Bergen County Board of Commissioners Podcast

Sep 14, 2021

Commissioner Amoroso is joined by County Clerk Elections Division Supervisor Sabrina Taranto; Superintendent of Elections and Commissioner of Registration Debra Francica, and Deputy Superintendent of Elections Jamie Sheehan-Willis.

The four discuss the upcoming General Election, and clarify the three ways to vote in Bergen County. This helpful podcast provides listeners with important dates, phone numbers, and websites that residents can use to to make sure their vote gets counted this November.

For questions about your vote-by-mail ballot, contact the Bergen County CLERK'S ELECTIONS DIVISION at or (201) 336-7020.

For questions about your polling place, or location of secure drop boxes, contact the Bergen County BOARD OF ELECTIONS at or (201) 336-6230.

For questions about voter registration, or to report a potential election violation, contact the OFFICE OF THE Bergen County SUPERINTENDENT OF ELECTIONS at or (201) 336-6109.

To track your vote-by-mail ballot, locate your polling location, or secure ballot drop boxes, or check the status of your voter registration, visit